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Description: Finished Body
Light buckets assembled
Long Wheelbase: 313 mm
Width: 220 mm
Silver-grey (Printed)
Package Size(cm): 53.5 X 24.5 X 18
Carton Size(cm): 55.5 X 52 X 95
Pck./Ctn: 10
1-Finished body 1 pcs
(Transparent window; Transparent front/rear light assembled with light buckets)
2-Basic sticker decaled
3-Assembled including:
-Plastic cockpit 1 set
(Exhaust pipe; Oilcan cover; Steering wheel; Oilcan; Wing mirror; Decorative accent light; Pedal; Hand brake; Gear; Wiper; Side radiator grid; Draw gear; Accelerator pedal; Clutch; Braking pedal)
-Lexan molded parts 1 set
(48421 Chromed light bucket & grill; Dashboard; Seat; Windscreen)
-48424 Nylon anti-roll bar
-48428 Rubber fender
-48425 Stainless steel cockpit net screen
4-48422 Plastic body reinforcing plate
5-Front/rear bumper parts assmbled; Front/rear Number plate
6-Logo decal
7-Parts bag
8-Instruction sheet

Exclusive Parts:

Transparent Light Lenses: (48420)
Chromed Light Bucket & Grill: (48421)
Plastic Body Reinforcing Plate: (48422)
Plastic Cockpit Set: (48423)
Nylon Anti-roll Bar: (48424)
Stainless Steel Cockpit Net Screen: (48425)
Rubber Fender: (48428)
Aluminum Alloy Heighten Body Mounts (front): (48548)
Upgrade Parts:
Black Plastic Jerry Can Set: (48429)
Nylon Luggage Rack & Chimney: (48426)
Bottom Plate of Luggage Rack: (48427)
Plastic Oxygen Bottle Set: (48430)
Luggage Net: (48431)
Luggage Net: (48432)
Camouflage Net: (48433)
Cloth Cable Ties: (48514)
Cloth Cable Ties: (48515)
Chromed Plastic Tote Box: (48438)
Chromed Plastic Tote Box: (48439)
Chromed Plastic Tote Box: (48440)
Chromed Plastic Tote Box: (48441)







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