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Killerbody 1: 1 Collectible Bluetooth Speaker Captain America Wearable Helmet

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Product Name: 1:1 Collectible Bluetooth Speaker Captain America Helmet
The original proportional size of the movie is more fit in the head
The alloy materials are used in many details
Wearable Helmet, Bluetooth Speaker

Item No. : KB20096
UPC Code: 4895229501188
Materials: ● Soft rubber ● Alloy ● Leather ● Cloth ●Inner lining cotton cloth

KB20096 is Captain America Wearable Helmet with bluetooth speaker stand
KB20096-1 is Captain America Wearable Helmet(without bluetooth speaker)
KB20096-2 is bluetooth speaker(without helemt )

Product Description:
●Bluetooth speaker base:
1. Add the Avengers Captain America elements in the design;
2. The light with Captain America exclusive logo;
3. Boot sound;
4. Touch wake up;
5. High quality sound;
6. Low voltage reminder;
7. Lithium battery charging.
1. Restoring the original proportion of the movie is more fit in the head, and the alloy
material details are more simulated;
2. The main body is made of soft rubber, which makes the feeling and wearing
experience more comfortable;
3. Wearable and collectible;
4. Restored the helmet pattern of movie version, three-dimensional details and
high-quality texture;
5. Metal texture, hand-made old painting and highly restored details;
6. Soft real leather strap, comfortable to wear;
7. Moderate eye slits. The upholstered lining is more breathable, safe and

Helmet: 20*24*24cm
Head circumference: 59cm
Base: 27*28*10cm
Overall size: 27*28*34cm
Packaging size: 33×33×42cm
Pck./ Ctn: 4PCS


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Killerbody 1: 1 Collectible Bluetooth Speaker Captain America Wearable Helmet
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