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About us

About Killerbody

Killerbody Industrial Limited is a professional manufacturer of RC hobby models and high-end replica costume sets, integrating development, production and sales together. We has obtained global licenses for many automobile companies and movies and launched many high-quality and simulated RC body shells and film derivatives, which are loved by consumers and enjoy a high reputation.

Not only has certain achievements on RC HOBBY, in 2016 KILLERBODY started a new series -Hero.Killerbody got Marvel six movies style guides license agreement. The launch of the wearable Iron Man Armor has aroused widespread concern in animation industry at home and abroad. Through the top production technology and excellent sound and light design, the armor not only can be wore, but also can be activated all the electric opening and closing devices through the sensor on the finger, so as to reproduce all the electric effects in the film. The armor also has the intelligent voice control function after the later improvement.

Continuously,in 2019,with the release of the movie Transformers Bumblebee globally on 2018 Christmas Day, Killerbody launched 2.2 meters Wearable Bumblebee Robot, 2.5 meters Optimus Prime Robot, Wearable Helmet w/Speaker, Baby Figurines w/Speaker, Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones, Transformable Storage Box.

In 2020-2021,Killerbody obtained Beijing China Film Marketing Co., Ltd. license of the film Wandering Earth. Killerbody launched Wandering Earth wearable suits, including space suit, exoskeleton suit, red earth surface suit, silver earth surface suit and space station training suit. To restore the classic picture of Wandering Earth, Killerbody also built a space capsule sample showroom. 

Let us look forward to our future together in non-stop footsteps!