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Killerbody:New Arrival is coming!

Killerbody New Arrival is coming!
All Transformer Product (Click here )
TRANSFORMERS Bluetooth Speaker Base for Megatron Wearable Helmet(pre-order) click here
Killerbody TRANSFORMERS Megatron Wearable Helmet Collectible  Megatron Voice Changer( In stock now!)click here
 Helmet with Stand→ 50USD discount
 discount kode of the stand: SH
 STAND Estimated shipping time: On the end of Aug. 2023,
TRANSFORMERS Optimus Primal Wearable Helmet Collectible  Voice Changer(Pre-order)click here
Estimated time of shipment: Q4 2023
TRANSFORMERS Mirage Wearable Helmet Collectible Voice Changer(Pre-order)
Estimated time of shipment: Q4 2023

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