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1:1 Collectible Bluetooth Speaker Captain America's Shield(in stock now!)

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Item No.: KB20091

UPC code: 4895229500730

Materials: ●Aluminium alloy ABS Metal Electronic components

Product Description:

  • Bluetooth speaker: The Infinity Saga metal nameplate; Captain America's uniform elements; Ambient lighting; Touch wake-up; High-quality audio quality; Lithium battery charging.
  • Captain America's Shield:

Aluminum alloy die casting with a detailed design and good experience;

Brushed metal texture, highly restored details;

Pentagram has smooth and three-dimensional lines, manual painting reflects sharp angles and strong lustre;

Strong and thickened genuine leather handle, providing a comfortable and stable grip;

Multiple metal buckles and adjustable handle, comfortable to use;

Three-dimensional lines on the back of shield, a strong sense of layering and exquisite craftsmanship; 

Made of a whole piece of aluminum alloy, polished with a strong sense of layering;

Shield holder with Captain America element, three-dimensional details, exclusive fixed position, buckles and support position.


  • Captain America's Shield*1
  • Bluetooth speaker*1
  • Shield holder*1
  • Charging cable*1
  • Instructions*1

Product Size: 613x205x670mm

Shield size: diameter: 613mm, thickness: 73mm

Bluetooth speaker size: 330x197x120mm

Product weight: 6.5KG

Shield weight: 5.3KG

Item number

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1:1 Collectible Bluetooth Speaker Captain America's Shield(in stock now!)
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