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Doraemon Go! Go! Time Machine( In stock now!)

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Licensor: Kyosho EGG

Item No.: TZ006

UPC code: 4548565390632

Product Description:

1.Time machine can move forward, backward and rotate 360°.

2.Doraemon and and Nobita’ s classic styling and gestures.

3.The joystick is movable with three gears. 

(Up: turn on the light; Middle: turn off the light; Down: turn on the lights and time machine)

4.Colorful retro glass desk lamp can be turned on and off.

5.Doraemon and and Nobita figurines can be disassembled and played separately.

  1. Equipped with a paper display stand that can be used to display.
  2. The headof Doraemon can be rotated360°.
  3. The hands of Nobita can be freely adjusted for gestures.
  4. Driving time: approximately 60 minutes; Speed: approximately 0.6km/h; Remote control distance: within 5meters.
  5. Thetime machinerequires 3 AAA batteries; The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries.

Product Size:

Time machine: 153*160*114mm

Remote control: 115*95mm

Nobita figurine: 110mm

Doraemon figurine: 65mm

Packaging: 253*153*168mm

Materials: ABS, soft rubber


Time machine*1;

Remote control*1;

Doraemon figurine*1;

Nobita figurine*1

Operational requirements (batteries need to be purchased separately):

2 AAA batteries (used for remote control)

3 AAA batteries (used for time machine)

Type of remote control:


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Doraemon Go! Go! Time Machine( In stock now!)