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Killerbody 1/10 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon(Pre-order)

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Item NO: 48765
Product Name: 1/10 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon
Description: 1/10 Hard Body Kit
Scale Hard Body (Long wheelbase: 313mm Width: 193mm)
 Price: $188 
Scale: 1:10
Barcode: 4895229501867
Long Wheelbase: 313 mm
Width: 197 mm
 Color: DIY
Package: COLOR BOX
Package Size(cm): 45 X 35 X 16.5
 Carton Size(cm): 71.5 X 46 X 50
 Pck./Ctn: 6
1-A:Windshield frame, Hood, Steering wheel, Fender skirts(L/R)
2-B:Wiper base parts, Doors frame(R/L,R/R), B-pillar(L/R), Doors frame parts.
3-C:Grille cover, Grille cover inner part, Freedom Top( R), Built in roll cage guard
4-D:Freedom Top (F/R),Rear windshield frame
5-F: Doors(F/R, F/L,R/L,R/R)
6-G: Door interior trim panels(F/L,F/R,R/R,R/L)
7-J: Side step bars(L/R), Rear bumper pedals (L/R), Signs installed on the tailgate, Cargo hold anchor fixing rail, Tailgate handle
8-K:Tailgate interior trim panel,Rear bucket interior trim panel
9-L:Tailgate,Fuel tank cap,Fuel tank cover, Fender skirts (R/L,R/R)
10-M: Wheel eyebrow(R/L,F/R,R/R,F/L)
11-S:Wiper cover plate, Wiper, Interior rear view mirror, Rear view mirror fixing base, Hood air inlet window, Cargo anchor point,Fender skirts air inlet window(L/R),Tail lamp housing

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Killerbody 1/10 Jeep Gladiator Rubicon(Pre-order)