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Wide Body Full Kit (1/10 KB Lexus RC F)

$34.58 USD $39.99 USD
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Description: 1/10 KB Lexus RC F
Material: PC (Polycarbonate) / Lexan molded
Long Wheelbase: 257mm
Width: 205mm
Color: Clear
Package Size(cm): 43 X 31 X 9
Carton Size(cm): 60 X 45 X 56
Pck./Ctn: 16

1-Wide body full kit 1 set (Lexan)
(Left/right body kit; Front/rear fender; Rear wing; Front/rear spoiler; Sweep wing)
2-Overspray film/Window masks 1 set
3-Basic decal sheet 1 set
4-Decorative decal sheet 1 set
5-Installation parts
(Screw; 3M double-sided tape)
6-Instruction sheet







Exclusive Parts:
LED Unit Set w/Control Box 16 LEDS: (48685)